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Top of the Garden: Wedding Event

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a wonderful wedding event called “Skyline In Full Bloom” held at the oh-so-beautiful event space, Top Of The Garden, here in Manhattan.

I had such a fun time sourcing vintage glass wear to use at my booth! The vendors present and all the brides and industry professionals who came couldn’t have been more incredible! What an exceptional group.

Roey of, Roey Mizrahi Events, was the fearless planner behind the whole event and was such a joy to work with - talented and hard working! I highly recommend checking her out ladies. A big thank you to Top Of The Garden for hosting, and Allan Zepeda for taking these stunning pictures!

Stay tunned for a Wedding Inspiration shoot done at Top Of The Garden, shot by Amber Gress and incorporating all of the vendors at the event!

hushedcommotion gold beading.jpg
hushedcommotion wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion sparkle wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion stella wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion bobby pin wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion gold bobby pin flower wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion shoe clip wedding.jpg
hushedcommotion booth wedding.jpg
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