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The NOT Wedding: Part 1 Getting Ready

As many of you saw on my Facebook page a few weeks back, I participated in NYC's first "NOT Wedding" event! A mock wedding event for brides and grooms to be inspired and have a good time!

I am pleased to say that I now have images back from the 3 talented photographers who were a part of the team. I am breaking this post up into 3 parts in order to showcase all the details of the event as well as work from each photographer.

Here is Part 1: Getting Ready, images by Jean Spencer Photo  Enjoy all the work from the incredible crew of wedding professionals who came together to make this a truly magical and beautiful wedding event!


Natasha, our bride, getting her hair done!

Natasha, our bride, getting her hair done!

My Sabina hair piece...

My Sabina hair piece...

notwedding_jspencer_0069.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0077.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0082.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0042.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0088.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0065.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0064.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0002.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0076.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0084.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0161.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0155.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0067.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0175.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0186.jpg

Photography: Authentic Photo & Jean Spencer Photo & Jessica Oh Photography / Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: The White Gown / Wedding Accessories: HushedCommotion / Clutches: MerciNY /  Flowers: Lindsay Rae Design / Photobooth: Majestic Photo Booths / Styling: Ruffles and Tweed & Tinsel and TwineBuzzy Craftery / Event Planning: Dulce Dreams Events / Custom Bow Ties: French Knot Studios / Heels: Chromatic Gallerie / Makeup: Make Up By Dana Marie / Wedding Stories: Prequels /  Lighting: BLM Blackbird / Wedding Video: NST Pictures / Wedding Props & Signs: Liddabits / Papergoods: And Here We Are / Wedding Band: Mix Tape Cover Band / Venue: Bathhouse Studio


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