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The NOT Wedding: Part 2 The Ceremony!

This segment is all about the ceremony! All the pretty little details, from the flowers, to the invites, to the menus, to the table decore... 

Check out my headpieces on the brides and those big floral feather pieces for the bridesmaids! Love the ceremony....and let me tell you, the food was so delicious!

Images by Authentic Photo Jean Spencer Photo

TKP_8464bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8458bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8526bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8424bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8493bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8539bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8513bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8553bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8600bytimkuder.jpg (Photo by  Jean Spencer Photo )

(Photo by Jean Spencer Photo)

notwedding_jspencer_0335.jpg (Photo by  Jean Spencer Photo )

(Photo by Jean Spencer Photo)

(Photo by  Jean Spencer Photo )

(Photo by Jean Spencer Photo)

TKP_8693bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8699bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8706bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8612bytimkuder.jpg TKP_8633bytimkuder.jpg (Photo by  Jean Spencer Photo )

(Photo by Jean Spencer Photo)

notwedding_jspencer_0040.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0184.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0185.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0297.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0311.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0349.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0365.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0369.jpg notwedding_jspencer_0371.jpg

Photography: Authentic Photo & Jean Spencer Photo & Jessica Oh Photography / Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: The White Gown / Wedding Accessories: HushedCommotion / Clutches: MerciNY /  Flowers: Lindsay Rae Design / Photobooth: Majestic Photo Booths / Styling: Ruffles and Tweed & Tinsel Twine & Buzzy Craftery / Event Planning: Dulce Dreams Events / Custom Bow Ties: French Knot Studios / Heels: Chromatic Gallerie / Makeup: Make Up By Dana Marie / Wedding Stories: Prequels /  Lighting: BLM Blackbird / Wedding Video: NST Pictures / Wedding Props & Signs: Liddabits / Papergoods: And Here We Are / Wedding Band: Mix Tape Cover Band / Venue: Bathhouse Studio

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