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The Jewelry and Veil Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

The Jewelry and Veil Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

The final edition of our Riviera Collection spotlight is here. We like to give you all an up close look at each item from the collection. This way, we are sure you won't miss a thing! We have gathered all the other new accessories from the new collection here for you.

Shop a new product, our cape clips, or our three new necklaces. We also have one new bracelet and two new veils. Keep reading to see them in action.

The Cruz Veil is a truly unique piece with two clean lines that run down from a barrette. Perfect for brides who aren't sure if they want the full on veil look but still want to be adorned by lovely tulle. We love it with a low ponytail, bun, or updo.

The Evangeline Veil is sparkly, luxurious, and catches the light brilliantly. This piece is pure perfection for a bride who loves to stand out. We love it with a simpler gown to make a glamorous statement or to round out an already bold bridal look.

The Ophelia Veil is delicate and unique with a speckled pattern and elegant tulle sourced from Italy. The hand pleated material adds a subtle textural touch to your bridal veil. We love it with a sleek sheath gown or an a-line style dress.

Next up: our three new necklaces.

The Octavia Necklace is sleek, minimalist, and a bit sexy with a pearl or glass drop. This piece can be worn backwards or forwards depending on what you want to highlight. We love it with a low back dress.

The River Choker Necklace is an edgy addition to your bridal look. We love it as an unexpected addition to a more traditional look or to round out your modern style. We also love it worn at your bachelorette party for a fun touch or with your rehearsal dinner dress.

We don't like to play favorite but the new Spencer Choker Necklace is one of our favorites this season. This unique choker features a bold pearl drop from the brushed gold necklace. We love this style with a lower cut gown for a truly dramatic finish.

Next up: one new bracelet that you will love.

The Evie Bracelet is a delicate addition to your bridal look. This super chic and minimalist bracelet is an effortless addition to all bridal looks, as well as your everyday. Offered in several stone options, you can add this piece on to coordinate with your other favorite styles.

Last but not least we have the new cape clips.

The Stella Cape Clip is the perfect way to hold onto your cape, sash, or pashmina. Whatever you need to stay warm should also look super stylish. This is a must have for your wedding day if a cape is part of your look.

The Lillith Cape Clip has our lovely and popular frilly florals to match your other Hushed Commotion accessories. This is the perfect addition to your bridal cape if you choose to wear one. Ideal for winter or autumn weddings when you need to stay warm but look stylish.

We hope you enjoyed this in depth look at the new Riviera Collection pieces. Every bride is sure to find her perfect look with our new collection. Take a look and find your favorites.



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