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The Hair Accessories Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

The Hair Accessories Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

Introducing are our new hair accessories from the Riviera Collection 2022. We worked diligently building this romantic and inspired collection. With classic beading, art nouveau inspiration, and a healthy heaping of pearls these pieces of art are made to elevate your bridal hairdo. 

Meet the Riviera Collection hair pieces:

1. Briar Headband

This delicate beaded alabaster headband on a brushed 18K gold headband makes a stunning finishing topper. It goes perfectly with many of our intricately beaded belts. 

2. Lottie Motif Comb

An art nouveau style leaf motif comb made with raw crystal or pearl accents. This dreamy boho comb will look lovely atop your bun or other updo.

3. Channing Pearl Hair Chain

This brushed gold halo features sleek pearl chains. A new take on hair chains make an incredible addition to your bridal look.

4. Ashton Headpiece

This art nouveau piece is super versatile! Loops on the ends allow for bobby pins to secure it onto any hairstyle. Looks elegant worn in the back as a headpiece or on top of your head as a halo. 

5. Giselle Comb

This sleek brushed gold leaf motif hair comb is an ideal subtle accent piece. A delicate and easy to style art nouveau comb for your bridal look.

6. Capri Hair Pins

A simple finishing touch is easy with these asymmetric hair pins. Cluster them together to pull back your bangs or tuck them into a french braid. There are so many options with these subtle yet sparkly hair pins.

7. Zuri Pearl Comb

The Zuri Pearl Comb features to off our favorite materials this year: raw crystal and pearl. This subtle and intricate beading is the perfect way to finish your bridal look.

This collection of hair pieces features our classic intricate beading in addition to romantic and art nouveau styles. You are sure to find your perfect accessory for your big day. Whether you decide to go simple and subtle or big and bold you can find the right piece here.


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