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HC Style Guide: Accessorize for your Bridal Style

HC Style Guide: Accessorize for your Bridal Style

You're engaged! Now it's time to start your wedding planning. We know how overwhelming it can be to try and pick your wedding style, bridal style, venue, catering, florals, and the list goes on. We're here to make it a little bit easier for you. Once you settle on your bridal style it can be difficult to pick the right accessories like earrings, hair pieces, belts, and veils to match that style. 

We made this for you! Our Bridal Style Guide is here to help you get inspired. To complete your ideal bridal look all you need are a few stylized touches. Whether you are going for a romantic, modern, classic, boho, or glam style we know what to do! Keep reading to see our tips and recommendations. 

Keep in mind many of these styles overlap and share similar features. That's what makes this so fun! Mix and match to create your perfect wedding day look.

A Modern style bride might go for clean lines and easy wearing fabrics. She should go for a sleek and sophisticated style with a nod to modern lines and trends. A few select accessories will truly accent this look but you don't want to go overboard with the styling. Think clean lines, understated touches, and effortless comfort. Her look will feel sophisticated and current. 

Our top 3 choices for Modern brides:

1. Jessica Veil

She's simple, sleek, and ultra modern. She will add the perfect amount of elegance without being over the top.

2. Edyth Earrings

This pair of earrings is perfect for our Modern brides. Elegant with a sleek finish that elongates your neck and draws all eyes to you.

3. Odgen Hair Piece

A gorgeous final touch for your understated updo. We love the sleek modern piece and it adds the perfect hint of sparkle.

A Classic style bride picks timeless silhouettes and more understated choices. There is a fine line between vintage and classic. A classic look will take the elegant and successful styles of the past and bring them into current times. She might keep her hairdo low key and no fuss. Her accessories will be relatively minimal like stud earrings and a timeless veil. Her look will feel truly timeless.

Our top 3 choices for Classic brides:

1. Lina Earrings

Nothing is more classic and timeless than a pearl earring. We love the clean lines and elegance of our Lina earrings for your Classic style.


2. Leandra Veil

A timeless veil that you can pass down for generations. An ideal touch to complete your Classic look.

3. Polly Crystal Earrings

A truly classic touch and the best way to finish off your look. This stud earring with a trio of teardrop stones will not disappoint.


A Romantic style bride goes for ultra feminine pieces and whimsical touches. Think beautiful pastels, soft florals, and flowy chiffon or lace. The romantic look can handle some over-accessorizing with delicate earrings, a statement hair piece, and a flowing veil. A loose hairdo with floral touches or a soft pink lip color can really elevate this look as well. Her look will feel whimsical and soft.

Our top 3 choices for Romantic brides:

1. Kenna Halo

A floral glass halo to compliment your bridal look? Yes, please. This romantic and whimsical piece will do the trick.

2. Aiko Necklace

Dainty, delicate, and a little daring this piece will accentuate your romantic bridal style. We love how this piece can accent an elegant neckline too.

3. Arwen Earrings

These floral beauties with crystal or pearl centerpieces have such a whimsical feel. The drop style adds movement and elegance to your look with a feminine touch.


A Boho style bride goes for an effortless and carefree look. We love lace gowns, dramatic sleeves, and even non-traditional elements like colorful dresses or accessories for a boho style. The boho style is typically unstructured with flowy elements and earthy tones for makeup. And yes, you should totally go for the flower crown or flowers in your hair here too. We're all for it.

Our top 3 choices for Boho brides:

1. Teagan Halo

A flower crown that will never wilt to pass down or wear again. We love a gorgeous statement making piece to top off your bridal look. 

2. Chloe Belt

She's bold, fun, and a little bit boho. Nothing will complement your lace or intricate gown quite like this stunner. 

3. Vivian Earrings

 A chic addition to your wedding accessory line up. We love a statement earring for a boho bride.


A Glam style brides goes for an over the top and dramatic look (in the best way). She may go for sparkles, sequins, and bold silhouettes to compliment her style. Accessories can truly make the Glam bridal look for a bride as well. Sparkling hair pieces, dramatic necklaces, and statement earrings all come into play when you're going for Glam. This is your day to go all out so have fun with it. 

Our top 3 choices for Glam brides:

1. Nanci Grande Earrings

These dramatic crystal earrings are inspired by Art Deco designs. We love how the shape frames your face. Go all out with sparkly and eye catching earrings. 

2. Audrey Sash

So glam and goes with absolutely everything. With no metal accents this piece and pair with any of your existing accessories to complete the look.

3. Fallon Comb

One of our absolute favorites loaded with crystals and ready to shine. The perfect accent piece to your glamorous hairdo on the day of.

We are all for mixing and matching styles as you see fit. Your accessories should be a place to have fun and break with traditions (if you like). You can feature family heirlooms alongside new pieces for a truly unique look or keep it classic. No matter your bridal style we can help you find the perfect pieces to feel truly like yourself on your big day.

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