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Summer Trends to Follow in 2021

Summer Trends to Follow in 2021

This Summer is all about having fun, wearing what you love, and spending time with everyone you missed this past year. Get outside, go party, and dance around in confidence with some of your favorite styles. A lot of trends from the past year are here to stay for the summer season.

From pearl pieces, unique florals, colorful accents, to crystal drops these are the trend trains you're going to want to hop on. We've rounded up a few of our favorite choices to incorporate a little trendiness in your modern bridal picture.

Trend # 1: Pearl Pieces

Pearls came back strong as a trend with an organic and modern update. We love pearls because they're timeless and hold their value. Every pearl is unique and has a natural opalescent sheen. 

Jodi Necklace

Shira Comb

Penny Threader Earrings

Trend # 2: Unique Florals

Nothing groundbreaking about florals for summer but we like them done with a twist. Whether that means a pearl accent, delicate petals, or ultra light resin touches. You can go big and bold with hoops or subtle and romantic with stud earrings.

Raine Stud Earrings

Tami Hoop Earrings

Layla Floral Hair Pins

Trend # 3: Colorful Accents

Even if you're going traditional with all white for your wedding day a pop of color can be a fun finish. Pick your pieces to accent your eye color or the highlights in your hair. Color can be a classy way to add some of your personality to your look.

Tami Hoops in Orange

Carlin Earrings

Trend # 4: Crystal Touches 

Go glam with crystal earrings, hair pieces, or necklaces for an ultra cool girl look. This is your day to feel glamorous so go all out with crystal earrings and an edgy crystal crown. This is one trend we're leaning into big for Summer 2021.

Zephyr Spike Halo

Camryn Crystal Chain Hair Comb

Kent Drop Earring

With these picks you can step out with ease into this summer. Show off your fashion sense and individuality with funky pieces you'll love. Don't let summer styles weight you down and instead go lightweight with unique pieces to show off your personality. Don't let the summer slip away without trying out some of these amazing new trends. 

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