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Best-Selling Earrings for $100 or less

Best-Selling Earrings for $100 or less

Looking to upgrade your earring line up but don't want to break the bank? We totally get it. Not to worry we've gathered our favorite pieces for under $100. You can find your perfect wedding day earrings or a pair to wear on your next big date.

These best-selling earrings are hand-crafted in our Brooklyn studio just for you. Each piece takes about two weeks to create and ship. We've highlighted a few of our favorites for this season below to make your search for the ideal pair just a little easier.

1. Vita Bow Stud Earrings

These Mother of Pearl bows with a pearl stud are super sweet and subtle enough to jazz up any evening attire. Make your favorite summer dress a little flirtier with these cuties.

2. Palmer Earrings

These funky hoops feature glass teardrop pieces that create the most subtle sound when you dance or strut your stuff. The glass teardrops catch the light and twinkle in the sun for a romantic feel. 

3. Betty Earrings

One of this seasons showstoppers and customer favorites. A small gold bow drops down into a crystal piece that reflects the light beautifully. Shine all day and night in these cuties.

4. Magnolia Earrings

A classic silhouette with gorgeous crystal details and a pearl finish. This elegant earring can work for everyday or evening wear. We love a versatile pair like this set. 

5. Luz Earrings

A bold and beautiful choice for a girl's night out or your bachelorette party. The organic stud shape adds texture while the crystal drop adds elegance. 

6. Judith Earrings

No one ever disappoints with a classic pearl earring. We love these pearl clusters as a subtle but modern take on the traditional pearl stud. 

7. Jordyn Hoop

You know we had to throw a hoop in here for you. Lucky number seven is last but not least. These unique open hoops with a pearl accent are perfect for evenings out or your big day. 

No matter your budget you deserve to find your dream earrings for your big day. Whether you go for classic, modern, bohemian, or a romantic look you can find the perfect earrings for your style. Every bride deserves to be the center of attention on her big day. We're always here to help you find your ideal accessories. 


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