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Wedding Ideas for Intimate Ceremonies in the Time of Covid-19

Wedding Ideas for Intimate Ceremonies in the Time of Covid-19

This pandemic has totally thrown a wrench in your wedding planning. But, challenges can create unique opportunities for once in a lifetime ceremonies. You and your partner have decided you still want to get married even if it can’t be the way you originally envisioned it. Lots of couples are struggling with the same issue right now.

Now, how do you still incorporate your loved ones, family, and friends without putting anyone at risk? We’ve collected some tips for staying safe and come up with some fun ideas!

Tip #1

Get tested and check state guidelines!

Covid-19 tests are pretty freely available now and come back relatively quickly. If anyone’s coming into town for the event they will likely be required to get tested. Planning ahead can avoid some of these headaches.

Tip #2

Keep it small. Keep it close.

We know it’s hard but it helps to really pair down your guest list. Invite those people who know you best as a couple. On the bright side, it’s a good excuse for not inviting your strange uncle or nosy co-worker!

Tip #3

Take advantage of Zoom.

You can stream your wedding live to your family and friends that can’t make it! That way everyone can be involved but still stay safe.

Tip #4

Provide supplies!

Have plenty of hand sanitizer, masks, and disposable items available to your guests to stay safe.

So you’ve paired down your guest list, sent your invites, and set up testing for all attending. Now is time for the fun part! Your wedding is going to be small so how do you plan an unforgettable occasion for everyone involved?

Here’s the good news, small weddings having been trending for a couple years now, so there are lots of ideas out there. Smaller weddings save money and are more eco-conscious. You can create a truly intimate and special experience for your guests.

Idea # 1

Think Local and Outdoor Venues!

A destination wedding always works well for a small wedding but because it’s hard to travel you should think local. Where’s a romantic venue within 1-2 hours of where you live? Pick a place with personal meaning to you and your partner: a local brewery, botanical garden, or quaint patio. Find an open local, state, or national park where you can host a small ceremony. There are lots of options for your

Idea # 2

Skip the Wedding Party!

With a small guest list an intimate dinner party is a better option. You can get creative with your wedding menu, tailor it to your story, or create a menu that highlights a potent memory you had together. Having outdoor activities and outdoor events planned is a good way to keep your guests busy and socially distanced.

Idea # 3

Add Unique Small Touches!

Splurge a little on party favors, flowers, and the cake because you simply don’t need as much for an impact. Get that cake you always dreamed of but in a size that’s manageable for your small party. Write handwritten notes to each of your guests and have them snap their own photos with a polaroid camera. You can have a bit more fun and make your wedding even more personal for each guest!

We know it can be difficult to reimagine your original plans because of Covid. But you can still make your day as special as it should be with these tips. Lots of couples chose small weddings even pre-pandemic for their intimate ceremonies.

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