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Pick the Best Bridesmaids Gifts for your Girlfriends

Pick the Best Bridesmaids Gifts for your Girlfriends

The days are counting down to your wedding day! You’ve got everything in order: your dress, accessories, jewelry, and all the fine details. Now you need a way to thank your amazing bridesmaids for supporting you through the crazy planning stages. Here's how to pick the perfect gifts for your girlfriends.

First, ask yourself if it’s important that your bridesmaids accessories coordinate in some way on the big day. If this is the case, you might want to pick an accessory that all your bridesmaids can wear the day of and beyond. Whether you think a belt, jewelry, hair piece, or matching masks would work is up to you. 

If the chosen bridesmaids dresses are a solid color, a Simple Leather belt could give the look a stunning finishing touch. If all your girls are wearing updos then a set of hair pins might be ideal. The Aria Hair Pins provide tons of different styling options and can be worn alone for less momentous occasions. The Doris Hair Pins have an Art-Deco twist and can be worn all together or separately depending on your style. It’s always a good idea to have options!

Hosting a wedding during a pandemic presents a lot of challenges but you’ve got the planning down! Matching face masks for all your bridesmaids could be that cute, fun, and practical finishing touch. They’re also a beautiful conversation starter and a great way to stay safe in style.

Matching may not matter much to you and that's totally fine! Personally selecting pieces you know your besties will love will have a positive impact on them. A handmade piece of jewelry your bridesmaids can cherish long after your wedding date is a great option.

Try picking out a special piece for each bridesmaid based on their individual taste and style. Such a stunning gift is sure to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated for standing by your side.

Tips to Help you Pick the Right Style for your Bridesmaid: 

  • Do they prefer silver toned or gold toned jewelry?
  • Do they typically wear bold accessories or are they more minimalistic?
  • What is their personal style? Are they more bohemian or modern? Classic or edgy?
  • Do they prefer pearls or crystals? Gemstones or few embellishments?


Our Top Picks for Earrings:

  1. Claire Earring
  2. Jordyn Hoop
  3. Vivian Earring
  4. Magdalena Hoop Earrings
  5. Skylar Earring

Answering even a few of these questions can help you find a piece they’ll truly love! Once you decide on their style and what to gift you can browse all the options easily online.

Even better, you can try the Hushed Commotion Accessory Try-On service, gather all your bridesmaids together, and let everyone try on their pieces before you buy.

The Hushed Commotion website offers style edits for a variety of different styles which makes finding the right piece easy. Regardless of what you pick, you bridesmaids will love you for gifting them something thoughtful for the big day and beyond.

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