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How do I care for my HC piece(s)?

Due to the delicate nature of our pieces we encourage brides to take extra
care in the handling & storing of their Hushed Commotion accessories post
wedding day so that they can be worn at other occasions or passed down.

Upon receiving your piece(s):

 - Earrings with gold fill earring posts can be a little "softer" than your traditional  brass or steel earring post. Gold is a softer metal. Please handle with care and be  gentle when putting on your earring back.

 - Veils + sashes may arrive with slight creases; please do not apply
   direct heat onto pieces. Use an iron or steamer to lightly steam piece(s).
 - For birdcage veils, applying non-direct steam will help the veil regain
   its shape after shipping.

We suggest the follow care to keep your Hushed Commotion Accessories
in the best condition possible:

- We do not recommend showering or sleeping in any of our items.

-  Please carefully shield your accessories from hair spray, chemicals and

   make up. Hair spray leaves a sticky film that attracts and holds onto
   dirt and is difficult and sometimes impossible to clean off. Chemicals
   and cleaning supplies can damage the finish on your HC piece
   permanently. If you need to clean your accessory piece, clean/dust
   items off with a soft dry cloth.

-  Remove belts from Wedding Dress before sending to the dry cleaner.
   The removal of sashes before dry cleaning is crucial because sashes are
   not meant to be dry cleaned & if they are, the belt may be permanently
   damaged & beads will be lost.

-  Store pieces in original packaging or in storage packaging that is cotton
   & breathable. Keep pieces in cool, dark places without humidity and
   away from the sun. Storing in exposure to sunlight, heat, & humidity
   will limit the life span of your item.

- Our masks are hand beaded, please do not put them in your washing machine. To clean, use a alcohol spray on the inside of the mask, let air dry. Spot clean to remove makeup if needed.

Sterling Silver Care:

If you begin to notice a yellowish hue on sterling silver items, you can
remove this tarnish using a jewelry polishing cloth. Please don’t put water
onto the cloth. It only works dry. Do Not use the polishing cloth on
pieces that aren't sterling.