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2021 Collection: Wholesale

Our newest collection focuses on smooth shapes and fluid lines, with materials evoking the ocean. Look for luminous textures, mother-of-pearl, opals and moonstone. 

  • - Bellow, you will find listings with both pictures and videos of each item.
  • - Please watch the video above, a note from Thea, for notes on the collection and news from the brand.
  • - If you would like to also speak with us via a virtual appointment, you can make that here.
  • - An additional printable Line Sheet, is available here.
  • - Over these past 6 months we have spent this strange time working on the brand and
improving all aspects to elevate the shopping experience for brides.
  • - New backing materials, new techniques, new packaging and higher quality metals.
  • - All the earrings in this collection are offered in either 14K gold plated or
rhodium plating (a high end silver finish that doesn't tarnish and is hypoallergenic.).
    We have continued our Extended Sizing belt edit and will be offering all the belts in this collection in Original and Extended Sizing options. Haven't heard about our new option? Read here.

    p.s. You may place an order via your account, or you can email us directly via