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Top Accessory Trends for 2023

Round up of some early trends we are seeing for 2023 Brides!

1. Mixed materials and textures: with all the clean line dresses out there, texture in accessories is a big ask. Have fun with pearls, mother of pearl, cut glass, rafia, leather...there are so many options!

[Christy earrings]

2. Cape veils or wings: a fun twist on the traditional veil!

Like: This one

or this one

3. Asymmetry: an effortless way to mix things up, add artistry and be unique on your wedding day.

Like our Larkin hoops:

Or Mercer studs:

4. Veils with texture: we are loving veils with unique and playful floral appliques or textures, like:


Or, Ophelia

5. Gloves, need we say more? Playful! Chic!


6. Bows: are popping up everywhere, and they don't have to be fussy. Relaxed, playful and over sized are the trend right now.

Our Elise comb:

7. Ostrich Feathers: an extravagant, chic, and vintage vibe:

On a veil..

On gloves!

8. oh yeah...and doing whatever the f*ck you want! Your personal style is always a good idea. <3

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