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The Belt Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

The Belt Edit 2022 Riviera Collection

Our new Riviera Collection is here including five new belts. These intricate, elegant, and art deco inspired new designs will finish off your bridal ensemble. They are all available with custom options like your choice of gold or silver, sash color, and crystal color. 

There is a bridal style for every occasion and each person's individual taste. From sashes with pearl chains, to new intricate beaded sashes, and another stunning belt in Mother of Pearl.

Meet Juliet, Harriet's new sister, designed with a delicate combination of mother-or-pearl and crystal stones. Pictured on our light ivory sash and available with gold or silver detailing. A stunning iridescent look with small moments of glitter from the crystal accents.

Meet Isgolde made with opalescent stones are combined with alabaster stones to create a fun geometric pattern! It is pictured here on our light ivory sash and available in three other colors. Also available with gold or silver detailing to perfectly match your wedding look. 

Meet Talia our new belt with double pearl chains draping outward from a lovely moonstone center. Also available in four sash colors. This belt is made to measure with a snap closure, so it is custom made to your waist measurement. We love this unique piece on a more traditional gown to give it a bit of intrigue or on a bohemian gown for that final touch.


Meet Romy one of our most fun and personality packed pieces of the collection. This bold floral stone design sits on our most luxurious sash an inch wide ribbon. The floral like clusters glitter and shimmer in the light. 

Meet Jasmine a combination of raw crystal and alabaster stones in gold casings create the perfect finishing touch! This one has 5 sash color options, default is our gold ribbon as pictured. The raw crystal and alabaster have a lovely texture without being too sparkly. Beading doesn't have to be sparkly to make a statement.

These five new belts are inspired by romance, and breezy ocean nights, and made to be the accessories of your dreams. Explore the pieces and let them complement your outfit at the amazing party you'll ever host. 

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