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Spring Collection Launch is HERE!

Spring Collection Launch is HERE!

We can all agree that this Spring feels different. The hope we are feeling in this season, as we ease back into the world, and out of a pandemic is palpable. This collection reflects that hope and joy. We wanted to have some fun with it so that's exactly what we did.

This collection featured elongated lines, touches of noir, an abundance of pearl, and glass and crystal spikes. The bolder more daring choices we made in our designs is meant to encourage you to get out, have fun, and feel sexy and confident in what you wear. Feminine touches from bows and pearls make this collection feel flirty and easy to wear anytime.

Crystal Teardrop Halo

There are so many new pieces we're excited to share with all of you but we're going to break it down section by section. We have five new belts, twenty five new earrings, twelve new headpieces, and eight new necklaces. 

It's impossible for us to play favorites so instead we're going to show you how well these pieces pair together. The cohesive design and style of this collection make it easy to find your perfect match and accessorize to your heart's content.

An epic belt, earring, and headpiece combo you won't want to miss. Our edgier floral pieces this season have a fun but elevated feel.

Top off your hairdo with our Floral Halo.

Then pop on a pair of our Flower and Pearl Drop earrings for that flirty flair.

Finish it off with our Thin Pearl Belt for a final touch you'll love.

For a romantic, flirty, and feminine touch to your wedding day look we love the new Beaded Bow Belt

Then pair it with our Bow and Crystal Earring for a sultry touch that'll sparkle in the light just right. 

If you want a bit more sparkle - we totally get it! This is your day to shine. Top it all off with our Helix Crystal Halo

This collection is truly versatile while still having a cohesive design. That means no matter what piece you pick it can style perfectly with others from the collection. We're always here to help you style yourself and pick the ideal piece for your big day. We hope you'll love this collection as much as we do!

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