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Real Wedding: Jen + Matt

WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-30.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-139.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-163.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-162.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-196.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-374.jpg

Our custom back chain! Jen and I went back and forth quite a bit to get the best design for her, and it was so fun! In the end, I sewed the chain into the dress and added hooks so she could get in and out of it. SO RAD.



WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-407.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-238.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-505.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-518.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-526.jpg WSPCo-10052018-Jen-Matt-Wedding-570.jpg

Photos by Wilde Scout Photo Co.

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