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Highlighting Our Top 10 Bestselling Belts

Highlighting Our Top 10 Bestselling Belts

A belt can make your look and tie the whole ensemble together. To make finding your ideal belt a little easier we rounded up our top ten bestselling belts. Whether you're going for a bedazzled beauty or simple touch these belts will do the trick. Handmade in our Brooklyn studio they are specially made just for you. 

Accessories can be super important when you're trying on wedding dresses. If you're having dress shopping trouble and feel like it's missing something then a belt might just be your solution. Tie on a silky sash or leather belt to tie it all together and create a lovely visual effect. 

# 1 Heather

Subtle, sweet and beautifully detailed. Heather makes a perfect wedding day belt with crystal and opal touches and the perfect amount of sparkle. A thin dainty piece this belt can add that delicate sparkle to your attire.

# 2 Simone

The dramatic Simone belt was created as a sister for our much loved Darby sash. This belt features the customer favorite combination of our ivory, crystal and moonstone beads. We love the drama of this bold piece.

# 3 Fionna

A glamorous art deco inspired belt for the bride who loves all things vintage. You can give any classic silhouette a vintage feel with this crystal studded belt. You're going to love her!

# 4 Corey

A modern belt with classic pearls! Ivory beading, crystals and teardrop shaped pearls adorn this fun thin belt. Set on a shimmer gold sash.

# 5 Milly

Our beloved Milly belt is also available in Silver! She has pearl, moonstone, crystal and ivory beading for an eye catching sparkle. What more could a bride ask for?

#6 Audrey

A favorite for our modern brides with beautiful muted tones. We love how elegant it feels with no metal accents for an intricate design. 

#7 Harriet

Old world materials elevated by modern lines and subtle stone accents. A new classic that will elevate your whole bridal look.

# 8 Chloe

An intricate ultra sparkly sash available in our extended sizing as well. Perfect for your wedding day to top off your look in style.

# 9 Ellery

Inspired by one of our most popular belts the Paloma but with crystal accents too. Featuring all white crystals this is the loveliest piece for your gown.

# 10 Paloma

A bold but delicate design with ombre colored beading and pearl accents. This funky piece is perfect for a boho bride or someone who loves art deco style. 

Finding the right accessories can truly pull the whole look together. If your wedding attire is missing something we are big proponents of putting a belt on it. We hope this round up of our bestselling belts helped you find your new favorite piece. Reach out to us any tip for help, tips, or just to chat!

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