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Gift Guide: Best Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for your Bridesmaids

It's time to shop for your girls! No matter who your bridesmaids are it's always important to gift them a little something nice (within budget) to thank them for their hard work and support. Finding something all your bridesmaids will like and also making sure the gifts seem cohesive can be a struggle.

Our Hushed Commotion Gift Guide is here to help you pick the perfect gifts for your gals. There are a few things you'll want to consider before diving in. What is your wedding style and what are your bridesmaids individual styles like? We want to find something that can be worn day of (if they want) but also be worn for many occasions there after.

1. Go for a timeless pair of earrings. There are so many choices so we helped narrow it down to our top three favorites. We firmly believe you can never go wrong with Pearls. These pieces are subtle enough that they won't steal the show and versatile enough that everyone will love them.

Polly Earrings


Penny Earrings

Nalah Earrings

2. Hair Pins are an excellent choice because they're subtle and easy to wear to any event. You can break up the set to wear on a date night or sprinkle them throughout your hair for your next party. We love that they can be styled a dozen different ways so no two bridesmaids will have the same look. 

Darla Pins

Brielle Pins

3. Every bridesmaid will adore a classic necklace. Our Camila Pearl Choker is actually perfect for everyone because she's adjustable. Slide the bead up and down the chain to get your desired look. Plus an asymmetric Pearl drop is always a crowd pleaser. 

4. Headbands are a great option for all your bridesmaids. You can't go wrong with a subtle sparkle and simple helix design. They come in Silver or Gold so they can easily match their accessories. This headband can be worn to many different types of occasions and is ready for an all night party.

Danica Headband


For any order with multiples we offer a 10% discount which makes buying your bridesmaid gifts even easier. That means it is time to shop and find your favorite pieces your friends will love. We are always here to help and give advice so reach out whenever you need us.

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