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Game of Thrones inspired DIY: Bedazzling your Vans!

DIY sneakers gold crystal vans

With the new season of Game Of Thrones around the corner, and summer following close behind, I thought it was time for a fun DIY to bedazzle your shoes!

I've seen a lot of "bedazzled" slip-on sneakers in the fashion magazines for spring, but a lot of them are really expensive! So today, I am going to show you how to make a pair at a fraction of the price, and in a totally unique design!

(All images by Adit Shukla)

DIY sneakers supplies

You will need:

One pair of Vans in any color you choose

One tube E6000 Glue

A spool of thread to match your shoe color

A needle

The detailing you wish to add to your shoe (Your local bead store should have lots of great options! Just try to be realistic with the pieces, being concise will make the design come out better in the end)

DIY sneakers gold detail

I am using gold spindly branch pieces, the Game of Thrones ladies would be proud!

DIY sneakers grey crystals

I also opted for a grey toned crystal, it is a bit unexpected and goes nicely with my shoe color.


Let's get started!

DIY sneakers layout

Start laying out your design detail in different motifs until you find the right balance and shape.

DIY sneaker motif DIY sneaker gold layout DIY sneaker crystal layout DIY sneakers layout gold and crystal DIY sneakers needle threading DIY sneakers needle threading

Since the branch pieces are so delicate, gluing them on will not last in the long run, so I am sewing the pieces on. The Vans fabric is nice and sturdy, but also easy to get a needle through.

DIY sneakers step 1

Start with the detail that will be at the bottom of the "layering" process when creating the design, for me, that was the branch piece that was furthest out on the shoe. 

DIY sneakers step 1 DIY sneakers sewing on step 1

I am anchoring the pieces with thread at the top, and then on about two branch arms so that they wouldn't slide about on the shoe when I walk.

DIY sneakers sewing on step 1 DIY sneakers needle and thread DIY sneakers materials DIY sneakers stabilizing DIY sneakers gold branches DIY sneakers gold branches DIY sneakers crystals

Time for the beads!

DIY sneakers gluing the beads on

Spread a layer of E6000 glue to the under side of the bead (I used a kebob wooden skewer from my kitchen to apply the glue), you don't need to apply too much glue, just enough to cover the crystal. 

DIY sneakers crystals

You'll need to hold down this top bead for about a minute since it is on an incline and will want to slide down.

DIY Sneakers crystals 2 DIY sneakers step 2

Repeat this process with the other beads.

DIY sneakers glue DIY sneakers crystal motif

Almost done...

DIY sneakers almost done

Repeat the branch sewing and beaded detail on the other shoe ... then you are all set to get struttin'! 

Game of Thrones DIY gold crystal sneakers

Love these shoes and want your own pair like mine?

Don't fret! Click here for more details on how you can purchase a pair! 


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