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Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Easy Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

There's nothing we love more than helping our brides to be. Both 2021 and 2022 are setting out to be two of the busiest wedding seasons ever. As a team we have a lot of first hand knowledge when it comes to wedding planning. We wanted to gather an easy to follow list for brides to follow to help them make their big day less stressful.

After all, your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed. There are a few simple and easy steps you can take to make your event less stressful. Follow these five tips to ease some of the wedding day burden from yourself and leave room for lots of fun.

Let us know your own tips as well! We love hearing from you and would love to know what helped you on your big day.

1. Hire a Day of Coordinator or a Wedding Planner for the Weekend

If you are able to afford a wedding planner or day of coordinator this will save you from a lot of stress. If your budget is tight a close friend or family member who you trust could also take over the day of role. From gathering up the groomsmen, to coordinating guests during cocktail hour, to putting the finishing touch on your tables, a day of coordinator can make organizing such a breeze. 

If you don't hire a professional then make sure whoever you select is organized, responsible, and stays calm under pressure! This will make your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception go so much more smoothly. 

2. Allow Yourself Ample Time to Get Ready

This one is so important. No one wants to be rushing through hair and makeup to make it to the altar in time. However much time you think you need it's best to pad that with another hour. That way any issues that arise won't put you behind schedule. This is also a good time to take some deep breaths and connect with all your bridesmaids as you get ready. 

3. Consider doing a First Look

On such a stressful and busy day setting aside this moment to truly be present with each other can be such a gift. They feel intimate, quiet, and super special. You can share your longer vows, read a letter to each other, and most importantly you can fully enjoy his reaction to seeing you for the first time. 

They also allow you to take photos before the ceremony so that you don't have to spend an hour or so after the ceremony taking photos. Keeping guests waiting as you take photos and waiting for all your family to gather for photos can feel arduous. This way you get the bride and groom portraits out of the way early so you can enjoy your cocktail hour!

If you're worried he won't get emotional as you come down the aisle after he's already seen you, think again! Your ceremony will still feel romantic and special even if you decide on a first look. 

4. Create a Schedule and Timeline

Your schedule will control how easily your day flows and prevent it from feeling rushed. Since so many aspects of the wedding day revolve around taking photos, how the light is, and what makes sense for your guests a photographer can help you come up with the right timeline.

A professional will know how long wedding party shots, bride and groom portraits, and all other necessary photos will take. It's important to remember that everything will take longer than you think. Leave buffer zones and padding after each event for transitions and for people to take their time. Handing out schedules to close family and friends can also help things move along for smoothly. 

5. Hire Vendors you Trust & Be Sure They are Reliable

One of the most important pieces of your big day is hiring vendors that are reliable and trustworthy. You want to make sure your vendors understand your vision and can help you attain it. 

Meeting your vendors in person whenever possible can help weed out any issues. If you can't meet in person then video chatting or hopping on a call before booking can be helpful. It's important that your energies match especially when they'll be there for your big day. 

Asking for recommendations or referrals through friends and family can help you avoid potentially disastrous situations. Instead of reading reviews on big wedding websites go to brides who used the vendors you are interested in to see what they say.

While there are so many other tips we could give (our brains are full of them) we hope these big five tips help make your wedding day stress free. Let us know which one's you end up implementing and if you have any other tips you'd love to share. 




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