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Brooklyn Distillery Wedding Shoot from Tinsel & Twine

I loved working on this shoot with this amazing team, so I am beyond pleased to share it with you today!! 

p.s. check out our feature on Ruffled blog!!!

Photography: JBM Photot / Planning, Styling, Florals: Tinsel & Twine / Decor: Michelle Bablo / Paper Goods: 1440 and And Here We Are / Gowns: Gabriella / Hair & Makeup: Ashley Horzol / Accessories from Hushed Commotion: Callan / Elyse / Seraphina 

002_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 088_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 003_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 007_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 008_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 010_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 026_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 091_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 033_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 038_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 040_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 036_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 049_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 058_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 060_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 066_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 069_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 070_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 105_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 084_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 082_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 098_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 112_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 110_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 132_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 131_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 125_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 122_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 124_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 140_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 115_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 136_KingsCounty_WM.jpg 129_KingsCounty_WM.jpg