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BIG NEWS For The New Year!

BIG NEWS For The New Year!

Big News for the New Year

We have BIG NEWS for 2022. Hushed Commotion is saying goodbye to Brooklyn… and moving to North Carolina, back to my hometown of Durham!

This company began on the entire essence of New York. From unloading my car at Pratt to journeying through the garment district finding all the people who would be the lifeline of my business, NY has been with me for 20 years. To say it's formed who I am is an understatement - I studied design, made true friends who became family, had my heart broken, had my heart healed. I built who I am here. 

A tough and formative experience in Soho led me to discover my passion for all things bridal. My career progressed and I founded a little company called Hushed Commotion from my bedroom, inch by inch I built HC with the support of the amazing NYC bridal community. I met some of the most talented people I’m sure I’ll ever come across. There are no words that can capture what this city or its people mean to me. New York will always hold a special place in my heart and I'll be traveling back quite a bit!

Having a child in the first months of the pandemic changed me. It changed my priorities. It changed my family's priorities. Being close to my family again means the world and it feels right to make the move. In truth, change is scary and moving after 20 years is a difficult step but I am so very excited for this next chapter of HC.

Admittedly, I am still working out logistics. We will slow down production & shipping significantly in late January and plan to open the new Durham studio in March. If you're buying for an event in February, March or April - now is the time to order!!! Lead times will be significantly extended starting 1/28. More details on new appointments, new team needs, new connections to come.

Thank you thank you for supporting me and this brand through everything from the bottom of my heart.

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